The Gulf of Mexico Abounds with Marine Life

Gulf of MeThe Gulf of Mexico Abounds with Marine Life

Diving Deep Into The Gulf Of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is one of the most beautiful and important bodies of water in the world. People from all over the world work and play throughout this Caribbean paradise which connects to the Atlantic Ocean from the Florida Straits. The beautiful Gulf of Mexico is over 900 miles wide and well known to be an oil-rich basin. While the warm gulf waters are perfect for recreation, climatologists believe they are the reasons for some of the powerful hurricanes that have hit the United States. Fishing is a very important part of the economy in the region, contributing to the income and livelihood of millions. This includes shrimp, oyster, scallop, and clam among other shellfish. It may seem odd, but there is more shrimp and shellfishing going on in the Gulf than in the Atlantic Ocean.

Large Variety of Gulf Fish

Although there is a great amount of shell and shrimp fishing going on in the area, there are many more opportunities when it comes to exploring in these waters. There is a huge variety of fish that occupy the Gulf, from Yellowfin Tuna to huge Red Snapper. Just a few names of commonly found fish in the shallow parts of the water. There are beginner friendly fish areas all around, which attract tourists from across the world to try fish for the first time. The Gulf Of Mexico is ideal for different levels of experienced fishers. Many visitors fish out of one specific location in the Gulf:  Venice, Louisiana. With some of the best lodging and Louisiana Gulf Coast charter fishing, Venice is on many anglers’ bucket list. Venice is one of the most famous places in the world for big game sportfishing.  

Choose the Time of Year Carefully

When it comes to outdoor activities seasons play a pivotal role. Going to fish is no exception to that fact. Here are some of the most notable seasons to fish in the Gulf of Mexico. June concludes Amberjack season and opens up Snapper season. The waters are returning to normal conditions and temperatures. This season lasts around 40 to 45 days and is ideal for catching Red Snappers. This is when trolling fish are more populated close to the beach all the way into deep water, where the tuna are residing. July is another special season for fishing. Opening up the Gag Grouper season, where bottom fish are biting at a higher rate and trolling fish are still around reaching their peak. Tourists believe this is the best season to go fish. You can find waters populated with Sailfish, Blue Marlin and of course, Tuna. Lastly, we come to August, a great opportunity to go deep drop fish. Being able to catch Yellow Edge Grouper, Tilefish, Snowy Grouper, and a variety of others.

“Don’t Miss” for Sportsmen

The Gulf of Mexico truly has a lot to offer, from the amazing weather to the amazing waters. There are limitless reasons of why people should take the time and explore, and seemingly even more reasons for fishers to go fish. Considering the Gulf of Mexico for a vacation or trip is a great idea.